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Healthcare Sector Focused Design and Installation
UOL school of architecture toilet refurbishment By Teksol Ltd

Delivering practical and stylish hospital furniture.

We are committed to creating a working environment that is practical, innovative, cost effective and which carefully considers the comfort and privacy of the patient. We are able to deliver stylish medical furniture or a full design and installation service. We can deliver project solutions to a wide range of medical facilities from veterinarian practices, dentistry facilities, hospitals and other medical practices. All of the services we offer are bespoke and are tailored to the project.

Educational Sector Focused Design And Installations
South campus teaching hub refurbishment teksol Ltd construction works

All of our furniture is designed and manufactured in house.

We have always been involved in the educational sector, designing, manufacturing and installing furniture for lower and higher education, we are able to offer furniture for design technology, food technology, and educational laboratories.We are able to undertake any size educational interior. We are committed to delivering practical and modern working environments. We are happy to work around the existing term time so to avoid any disruptions to the every day running of the facilities.

Laboratory Installation and Refurbishments
UOL life science laboratory referbishment

We are one of the UKs leading laboratory specialists.

At Teksol we have specialized in the design, installation and refurbishment of laboratories within the educational sector and the public sector since the beginning of Teksol Ltd in 1999. The design manufacture and installation of laboratories is something that we have become renowned for and over the years it has become something we consider to be one of our specialisms. We are able to offer solutions for new laboratories that can be designed and built to match a newly constructed space, we are also able to completely strip out an old laboratory and replace with a custom built, fully functional and professional laboratory. If none of this is an option we are able to offer a solution or advice to make sure that the perfect working conditions are being created. Throughout the entirety of the project we are more than happy to work closely with the client or anyone the client chooses. If the project is to take place with in an educational environment then the team will be more than happy to arrange a date outside of term time so to cause as little disruption to day to day activities.